Strike Team Restriction Events


I think it would be cool to have battles, where there are restrictions to which Dinos can be in your strike team.
Example of restrictions:

  • Total level of Dinos in the squad needs to be less than 50
  • Only dinos less than level 10.
  • only Dinos that walk on four legs.
  • hybrids only
  • fliers
  • commons only

Primarily because I would like to use different dino when fighting, but right now there is no point as everyone basically uses the same ones since they are the most effective in the arena.


More limits in this game? No thanks. You’re free to choose your dinos already. There’s no need for this. I like using my T-rex on the weak strike events so I can just blast through them and get the coins quickly.


No thank you why would you ruin the only fun part of the game where you can use actual dinosaurs that existed at a point in time instead of mutants???


Sure you are free to use any dino. But you probably won’t because you’ll get wrecked instantly.

I would like a reason to use more of the other Dinos rather than having them there just for show.

And just like anything else in the game, you don’t have to do it, but nice to have for those that would like more variety in the strike team instead of using same old Dinos over and over.

Plus, with limitations, choosing a squad would require more strategy than simply picking your biggest and baddest. Just make it an extra event or optional arena scenario, not replace the other strike events.


I’m not sure I understand. I dont see how events with squad restriction would deter from that. Unless, it was hybrid only.


Well, that’s kind of the point. Why would I want to use some random junk dino instead of ones that I’ve spent a ton of time building? I’m not really sure what you’re saying here because there’s nothing stopping you from using any dinos you want for strike events. What other people do will have no effect on your strike event experience. I’m not looking to be challenged by some level 8 dinos and have to figure out a strategy to battle them after putting this much time into this game. If you wanna do it, do it. Don’t force it upon everyone else. Ludia makes us work hard enough in this game already with their other limits.


You’re free to choose whatever dinos you want to challenge yourself in the strike event. There is no need to force it on others.


Lol. One of the most ridiculous proposals i have heard…tell me again, why do you want to restrict yourself?? Haha. You are already free to use whatever dino you would like to use. If you cry even harder, ludia will eventually listen and give you the restriction…how about a strike tower going against a lvl 30 indoraptor amd the restriction is: you can only use below lvl 5 dinos…lets see if tou still like your proposal for restrictions. LOL


Bad idea. :confused::confused::confused:


No thank you. Feel free to use whatever dinos in your collection that you want but I’m happy with how it currently works.


Because at the end of the day raw power is determined by tier(ludia actually admitted this one recently with talk about metascores) and no actual dinosaurs are at the highest tier I don’t mind using mutants to pubstomp peeps in pvp but if I’m having a fun experience I want my favourite actually dinosaurs that where awesome not some imaginary hybrid troll on my team.


I was just going to suggest the same thing. Restrictions should be based on the level of the event. Common Strike Events only allow common or rares, Rare Events only allow up to epic, and Epic allow up to legendary.

It would just allow for more diverse play, testing out your lower level dinos that you’d never put on your team. Maybe then we’d find we really like a common or rare that would be worth leveling super high.

If they did this they’d have to change it so you can select from your whole collection, not just your team. You wouldn’t want to have to change your team every time you start a strike event.


How to complete when unique strike tower come? Like indoraptor once? Use mythical? We already free to chose what dino we use in strike if you want use your lower lvl dino. Use it don’t force to everyone.

Split team among arena and strike i agree.


This game has too many restrictions already making it impossible to progress unless you pay thru the nose gambling is more rewarding cause when you win gambling you get money when you win In jwa you just get imaginary DNA but both cost around the same amount that’s not a game that’s like the claw machine at carnival designed to only give out sub-par prizes and only for more cash


What other “restrictions” is everyone whining about?