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Strike teams and the PVP Arena quality improvements:

  • There should be atleast 3 different tabs for your strike team: one for Friendly Challenges/Strike Events, Tournaments and for the Normal PVP Arena. This would limit the accidental battles using the wrong strike team. (I admit, even I have done this a couple of times)

  • There should be a new PVP game mode called 2v2, which is what the name exactly suggests, a game where you are teamed up with another player against other 2 players. This would be a game mode, where you would be able to collect your battle tokens for the Daily Incubator, without the risk of losing trophies. The mechanics would be: you could choose which opponent to attack, and the MAXIMUM battle tokens you could get are 4. Meaning you and your teammate would have to take down a COMBINED amount of 4 dinos.

  • The trophy system should be changed:
    Earned Trophies: 25-50 trophies
    Lost Trophies: 10-35 trophies

  • Fix the Cenozoic Bug. Yes I have posted an article here in this forum already, getting only response to further contact support. I am tired of this, and please find a patch to fix these problems. (The problems seem to revolve around Cenozoics; everytime I would encounter a Cenozoic, whether the PVP Arena or for collecting DNA thru the drone, it would MASSIVELY lag) It would lag a lot that I am forced to not collect wild Cenozoics, or choose a move for my dino in the PVP Arena.