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Strike the foundations epic tower - keep the gameplays coming :)


Help us how to beat this tower :slight_smile:


We’re are going to wait the order and plan from there


t-rex starts


Hey everyone:

Trex is out first: DSI, DSR
Euoplo: Rampage, Vuln Strike, Rampage
V-raptor: Pounce, swap to Apato
Swap back to V-raptor (free hit lol)

Use the link:
Mar31 30s Trex Euplo Vraptor Apato


Thank you, not sure if the order will be the same after rex but it’s a start ^^ same for the swap at the end


Did u make it? :slight_smile:


Always! With ease! Don’t need the ourano any more lol

AI likes to lead with Chompers when available. I planned it and it came out exactly lol plus the glitch

Video link up in a bit!


I find this strike pretty hard, am I missing something? :rofl:

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I wasn’t expecting a vrap or Trex first. Still got through. Hoping that format issue resolves itself.


Ok this one was strange. Rex started and I used 23 Utahsino. Distract, instant charge and crit impact. TRex dead. In comes Velociraptor, I sacrifice Utah to the pounce. 24 Stegodeus takes the strike and uses Thago and Rampage to kill raptor. Then Euoplo comes, immediately swaps to Apato, and the two just continue swapping EVERY TURN, doing no more damage as my Stego just chips away at them. I brought 23 Tryko to make a mess of the tail end, and Sucho if I needed a bleed n distract, but the AI just decided to throw this one…


Mine was easier than I thought it would be. Rex was sent out first and killed with Thor. Then Euplo came in killed Thor. Used tryko to take out both Euplo and then v-raptor. No sign of Apato for me.


Ok mine was way too easy. Rexy first, I damaged it with Tenonto and finished it with Thor. Euoplo comes out, I use IC (stun lands), then rampage, then DSI. Euoplo dead and Veloci comes in. I go for IC, stun lands and then killed by Veloci.
Then I had to choose between lvl 23 Tryko and lvl 24 Indoraptor and decided to take Tryko cuz I expected a swap out.
Well, Veloci used base attack and landed a crit and got killed by Tryko.
Less than 2 minutes, had heart racing first and then I was very surprised.

Well, my Thor didn‘t crit one time but still…:rofl:


Don‘t take me wrong; I‘m very happy this went soo good for me. I‘m not disappointed cuz it‘s been way easier than expected haha. :joy:
Rather this way than ending in one frustrating battle.


Idk if the thing I’m going to say is a good idea:
I’m going to use indominus first against the T. Rex, then TraGod for Rocket and finally Allosino and Alita to finish slowly euplo and apatosaurus
The problem is that Tragodistis is at lvl 16, indominus and Allosino lvl 18 and Alita lvl 21


I did it with high levels. This game play probably isn’t helpful for most looking for strategy team-wise, but add this to the pool of what dinos come out and what they do.

Start: My 28 Tenonto vs T-rex

1: Tenonto DI, T-rex DSI
2: Tenonto DSI (not DSR), dead rex

Euoplo comes out

3: Euoplo rampage, Tenonto DSR
4: Euoplo vulnerability, Tenonto SS, kills Euoplo (With 39 health left. Eek.)

Raptor comes out

5: Raptor pounce, kills Tenonto (Rest well, girl. You did great.)

I bring out Tryko

6: AI swap to Apato, Tryko DSS
7: AI swap to Raptor, Tryko DSR, dead raptor.

391 Bary and 6 Kentro. Thanks. Thanks for that. :joy:

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OK, I don’t understand what comes after rexy, Rocket or euplo?


The two scenario are possible…


Apato never made an appearance, started with t rex, Thor ate him, Euplo rampage killed Thor, brought out Stegod thag, rampage then swapped in dracocera for the kill. Velo pounced, killed Draco and I brought stegod back out. Once again the dna was disappointing. A little kentro and the rest concavenator. It was free and fun though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s my go:
Got lucky with that crit, could’ve replaced Sucho with Spinotah

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Done easy with suco and trago
Indoraptor and draco stayed on the bench
Suco bleed distract nullify rex dead
Comes euplo suco still alive bleed then dies
Trago invecebility shield no damage taken euplo dies
Velo comes pounce no damage taken rampage from trago and then they start swapping until velo is dead
Got alanca and another crap one again
My suco is level 23
Lower suco probably will kill rex but won’t survive to bleed euplo