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Strike Tower Attempt Rework


How is it that strike towers of higher difficulty only give you one attempt while the easiest ones give you two or three attempts?

I get that newer players might have trouble getting through weak towers, but experienced casual players (not speaking for hardcore level 20 players with teams full of uniques) should get the same chance to try new strategies if they fail on more difficult towers before needing to use in-game cash. Especially if master-level towers are going to be three level 30 creatures from now on. I get that you have to challenge the top players, but this is insane.

Also here’s another suggestion: maybe have some “expert”-level strike towers for a change? They show up as an option when strike events get announced each week, but there’s never been any. It’s a big gap between advanced and master.


I wholeheartedly agree!

#weneed2attempts #RNGiscruel