Strike Tower Availability

With people stuck in their homes and not able to go out. Also limited drone access and supply drop access/strike towers.

I suggest making all strike towers a new location. Take them off of the map itself and make them their own tab under battles. You can have:

Campaign, Strike Towers, PVP

This way everyone can do the strike towers for the day/week and not stress about finding them on the map in their circle or having to risk going outside getting in trouble by the police or worried about getting sick.



Or just sell supply drop that you can place in your home and it would turn into everything.

They are working on it

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I absolutely agree, and they could increase the number of event supply drops (with event dinos under them), so everyone could get to catch all of them.


This is a great idea @Phil ! I am one of those that is losing so much these days because of the quarantine.
Even if it is at the cost of a few coins that would fine.
My vote for your idea.

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Increasing number of suppy drops would solve this issue. Looking all around the town for one missing strike tower in current situation isn’t realistic possibility.


Nowhere in there does it mention making a 3rd tab in battles for strike towers only. They mention increasing drone range. Had they mentioned this I would not need to make a suggestion lol. Instead of adding my idea to the huge thread where the comment will be overlooked I figured I’d make the idea in ten suggestion area. This should not only be for the covid 19 but an addition anyway.

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Ah well that idea I disagree with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Temporary it could work, but the whole point with a location based game is to make people get up and outside.

Anyways I referred to this part about Strike Towers:


Gotcha. Don’t get me wrong I go out daily. But it would be nice to not continue to tap on strike towers while you’re trying to tap chest, drops, and dinos. I wish they’d make the completed towers turn into regular supply drops.


I’m with Phil. We are being asked to restrict our movements right now. We are all bored. We don’t need encouragement to go out for coins and strikes. I’m guilty of this. Make me stop please Ludia!


I made an ‘essential journey’ take an hour today. Not really how it should be working.

My issue with the strike towers would be solved with Phil’s suggestion.

To answer critics: Yes this is a geolocation based game, however the strike towers are often unavailable within a 20 mile or greater radius. I know I’ve driven 50 miles and not seen the strike tower I sought.
This is supposed to be a walking game, not a drive around and play at the same time game. It can’t be denied this is how many of us play (Not to be construed as a personal admission of guilt). That is a danger in and of itself, Ludia should not essentially condone this unsafe practice. Sure, there’s a popup when you exceed 15mph. There have been many complaints of the popup.


@Ned @John

Please pass this along I don’t think anyone has.

Thanks, Phil!


Today is one great example. With both common and rare event dinos, event drops are atleast doubled. We have 3 strike towers and trial. I have trial and epic tower in range, boosts strike just out of range, but can’t see any small strike tower.
Why we need trial on a day when we have double event dinos? Two days for each trial would be enough. Also increasing number of drops would be great, for this time, when we have limited movement outside. @Ned

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