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Strike tower bosses for the week


How brutal is the arena around 4800-5000?

Gonna meed chompers on this 1! And a bleeder or 2


That level 30 miragaia… gonna be a pain

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Yeah that one will be tricky, would still use at least two bleeders :grinning: but miragaia can cleanse and regenerate so will need chompers too


Miragaia is going to be challenging. If it heals bleeders won’t work here.


The good news is that it “only” has 3 647 hp so a tryostronix with ready to crush and dsr can almost one shot it even if no crit. After that maybe a swap-in dino can do the rest.


I’m gonna try some fun dilochi hit and run to dracocers sia attacks and Thor and tenontorex to clean up

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Here @Aaron_Norris


Just beat me to it

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Since all these (Sunday’s) dino’s have fairly high counter damage, as well as slowing/distracting moves, I think it would be best to use tryostronix. Set it up with ready to crush so it doesn’t take counter damage, then unleash hell with DSR. Plus its immune so no negative effects. You could also try cloak sweeping with indom/erlidom, but thats all luck. Bleeders would work on the first 2, but miragaia u probably just want to tryo sweep…


That makes sense, but what levels on the Bleeders and Tryo?

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Mmmm I’m sitting here with Utarinex instead of Thor and I never Leveled Tyrostronyx either. This ones gonna be tricky :grimacing:

Remember Miagra’s regen is 3 turn delay. So if you bleed straight after that should work. Good luck timing it right though.
Maybe I should put some levels into Suchotator just to help with with towers, L21 isnt quite cutting it any more.


My Sucho is lvl 20…my Spinotasuchus is lvl 21 and my Tryo is lvl 21…dunno if they are strong enough to take this one on


For the wuerho and sino tower I used 26 sucho, who didn’t fair that well against wuerho and a 26 tryo to finish wuerho and got a crit with dsr against sino for a one shot. Sunday’s may take more planning for sure.


Yeah Wuerhosaurus used that Ss against my ID and made short work of my Suchotator.
I don’t have them but it does feel like Thor and Tryo are good choices for this one.
Probaby a bleeder (Suchotator?) and maybe Indominus?


The problem with indom is that miragaia has a shield :worried:


Yeah try match it up with Kentro or Tuojing.
I haven’t ran any numbers yet just thinking out loud

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Is this what you are looking for @Piere87? :slightly_smiling_face:


Got it. Thanks! I just saw the picture and didn’t actually see the names under it. :joy:

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I looked for it earlier this morning and couldn’t find it