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Strike tower bosses next week - april 22


And epic dinos to hunt next week: Sinoceratops, Stegoceratops, Stygimoloch!

High hp theme next week?
Edit: seems not by the dinos eheh

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Will we get diplodocus to dart?

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sadly no :S only epics should be stygi, stegocera and sino

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Stygimoloch, nice! I’m considering working on Paramoloch soon. Already fusing Indominus, and close to Stegod fuses.

Maybe the strikes’ theme will be High Hp hopefully

But how did you know next week strikes?

data miner from mother Russia posted it :smiley:

oh nice r grwg wrg regrere

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I will probably go all sino again :smiley: you can never have enough sino dna

ill go stygimoloch

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Do they really hate epic Ourano that much? We haven’t had that dino featured for months now.


:disappointed_relieved: seems like that

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Well looks like it’s time to bust out the bleeders. Heh


Seems like a tough week ahead!

Nerf the level 28!! :wink:


apato is a force to reckon with :smiley:

Go get em my girl <3


I’m thinking of bringing my Dimodactylus for this one. It’s been a while since the last time we could be cheesy with bleeds. Epic towers now always have immunes or swap mechanics. This one will have swaps too, but against that high HP dinos I’ll need to go for bleed anyway… just need to be smart about when to use it.