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Strike tower bosses this week april 8


This weeks epic towers?

These are fun ones to plan for. Pretty sure how the first will go. Will wait to see the opening moves on the second though since my dinos are lower level.


Thx. The first one looks easy, the second is very interesting and new. Monostego, Giga and Magna, all at lvl 30, that‘ll be tough and need some strategy. Like it tbh haha. :joy::sweat_smile:


First one seems too easy… strange. Maybe it’s the first battle of three or more…

Second one, that Magna is the biggest problem… hope I can level up my Erlido until then


First battle is a 5 step




I think Monostego is also a prob. 20% crit chance usually means 80% in strike towers and it does much dmg. It could be bled, yes, but then there‘s also a max lvl Giga waiting.
How to deal with Magna would be my biggest prob. It outspeeds my entire team; I could try with Erlidom if it won‘t use nullify or won‘t hit thru cloak.

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Monostegotops and Gigaspikasaur have armor, thier thick armor reduce any damage from non-armor piecing/shield breaking. Suchotator would be a great idea to weaken them as they could be bleeded. but if you have a high level Tryostronix or Magnapyritor, that’s gonna be a prefect choice. just don’t underestimate Monostegotops’ critical rate and you’ll be fine.

A serious problem would be Magna’s speed and immunity. not to mention it can cripple you with distraction. nullify your buff and cloak. Spinotasuchus’ Critical impact would do a trick and left the finisher to Dracoceratops if you don’t have anything left or Spinosuchus can’t finish the job in second turn.


Erlidom or spinot and dracoC for magna. Tenont for monostego and spinot or sucho for giga. Depends who comes first


Erlidominus and Dracocera for Magna, Tryo and Tryko for Monostego and Giga. Erlidominus needs to be lvl 23 to survive a hit without crit from Magna.


The second one will be tough … need to plan carefully. Will wait ti see who comes first ^^’


That was brutal - needed a retry after I made a rookie error on the first attempt


what was the order? :slight_smile:


Who comes first?


Mono, Magna, Giga - both attempts


What moves do they start off with


1st attempt: L24 Spinota, L30 Suchotator, L26 Thor and L26 Draco - messed up though and left 10HP when I swapped in Draco :weary:

2nd attempt: Used L25 Tenonto instead of Draco

Nip tuck but did it; Darwin and Indom DNA :smile:

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Mono slowed both attempts
Magna distracted both attempts
I think Giga rampaged


lvl23 sucho lvl23 spinota lvl23 dracocera and lvl23 tryko made it :smiley: barely but still

sucho can 1v1 mono (or set up for spinota) spiota has to get that 60% crit on magna in order to swap-in dracocera for the take down and well hopefully giga won’t crit on dracocera before tryko enters and takes down enough health to swap-in the rat for the win :smiley:


Wasnt too bad. Thor, magna and dracocera did it. Didn`t want to make it too easy with Apato