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Strike tower bosses this week april 8

Did it with:

L19 Suchotator
L12 Diplocaulus G2
L15 Dimodactylus
L21 Erlidominus

Tower started with Monostego

Suchotator bleed then instant distraction
Swapped to Dipl G2 to swap in distract

Monostego dead

Magna came in panicked. It killed Diplo G2

Brought in Erlidom, went for cloak and dodged Magna’s big hit
One shot Magna with Rampage

Gigaspika last

Erlidom strike and run into Dimodac for swap in bleed

Dimodac dies from rampage

Bring Erlidom back and go for cloak. At this point it can survive an impact from giga so a dodge is not need.
Hit rampage again and down goes giga

Only decent reward was coin :frowning:


I’ve been waiting for strike tower video :neutral_face:

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Giga came out first for me… and it did rampage two times in a row even though I thought it would have a cool down after the first one. That sucked. Both hits killed my spinotah. It went downhill from there

Magna came out first for me. Got 4 crits in a row…

:S that sounds brutal, are you going to give it another try? or won’t spend 200 hard cash on it?
(depends on your team but still :slight_smile: )

Start with tryo level 24 , he got one shot with a critt. Then i used a erlidominus. And cloaked. One shot mono with a critt. Then killed Spika with trykosaurus level 23. And finished magna off with a cloaked erlidominus . He was my Hero lol

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Is a tanycolegrus faster than a magna

Let me rephrase that! What is a Magna speed?

128 is Magna

Health at 30

4376 101010

In everyone professional opinion should a 25 Tany and a 25 Draco take out the magna? Nullify is 1.5 hit and immediate swap in Draco

Was able to clear with
spinotahsuchus - 24
Tryko - 24
Rinex - 26
Tenonto - 26

Mono started, I used Spino’s lethal wound, mono slowed me down. I then swapped to Tryko, who took the stun. Swapped back to Spino, who died. Mono bled out. Next was Magna.

Brought in Rinex, got two hits in before dying to rampage. Brought in Tenonto, who survived a crit from Magna, then took it down with impact.

Tenonto only had 600hp left for Giga and I figured things were futile, so I swapped back to Tryko. Was able to instant distract, do instant invincibility , and instant distract again. Doing the instant moves allowed me to get in counter attacks without triggering Giga’s counters. I was then able to survive Giga’s next attack, counter, then rampage.

Extremely surprised to have won that to be honest, but it was a nice surprise.

Did it on third attempt with
L24 Spinota
L23 Dracocera
L24 Tryostro
L24 Erlidom - cloak worked, saved me😁

Not going for retry, not worth it. One more 200%chance crit tower :roll_eyes::grin: