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Strike tower bosses this week april


If this is already posted I am sorry


Level 30 Godzilla :eyes: other than that they seem easy.

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It’s Tryo, Tryko, Indo and Erli time as all have counter.


Lvl30 dioraja :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Tell me, did you bleed? You will…


I hope I can win the master strike this week…in hope that I’d get 3 DNA of dioraja to unlock him !!!


Not that easy…


What are the days of each one?


Assuming today, Saturday (L30s) and Sunday

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So the basic strat with counter dinos is use RTC or cloak type moves to charge up the attack with out copping a counter attack right?


I used Monostego to soak up the counters, slow them and nullify their shields; L25 solo’d the first two battles and just needed someone else to mop up the tatters left of the last of the trio in the third battle. Would have thought a lot lower level would still do a pretty good job.

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How am I only seeing this now after clicking it by complete accident?


Majundasuchus and Tupandactylus hit like a wet sock, so I am not too worried about those…

Diorajasaurus though :eyes:


I think we can expect some swap in whatever which dino comes first. I think thor or any chompers can be nice too. Thor did a great job on the epic tower today ^^


I’m thinking of sucho, thor, tryko and monostegotops. Maybe tryo for mono

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Any thoughts on today’s L30 trio?
Thinking high HP, high damage - Monostego, Thor, Sucho and … Dracocera

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I’m thinking of starting with Gorgosuchos, expecting a swap in on second turn. And also take Utasino, Draco and Sucho.



Normally I dive straight in … might wait and see how a few get on :slight_smile:


Thor indo tryo for me, created a topic for it but not sure it’s useful