Strike tower bosses this week July 5

raptor one is all lvl30


Easy! Thor go chomp chomp chomp!



Poor raptors don’t stand a chance.

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I think I’ll let them get 1 hit so they wouldn’t feel so bad.

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lol keep teasing… ludias going to send some bosses out

With boosts I can beat a team of 3x Lord Lythronax :stuck_out_tongue:


how about three lord thors??

If they have no boosts, sure! Bring it on.

although lythronax had a killer kit and couldnt be stunned, slowed or distracted. id imagine they would do the same for thor… i doubt it would be that easy…

If they did it again, they would probably give it an ability that disables boosts

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my magna took one pounce and thats it lol.


Nice! I got pteranodon and pachy :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
My rinex took one hit too, because the first one survived the hit with 7hp left :stuck_out_tongue:


stat boosts on sale

Again… sigh

If it can help others to plan it, here’s the video.

Rewards was meh except dracorex


That’s a nice incubator!

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My strike tower order was Utahraptor, Pyroraptor, and Velociraptor.

Stegodeus was all I used.

Superiority strike, rampage
Superiority strike, rampage
Superiority strike, superiority strike

But my incubator sucked. Epics were concave and seco. Forgot the rare and I know I got a lot of Suchomimus ugh as if I don’t shoot enough of those. On the other hand my girlfriend got a great incubator. I was jealous.

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