Strike tower bosses this week June 19

:white_small_square: Pteranodon strike — 06.21 (Friday). Enemies: Hatzegopteryx + Quetzalcoatlus + Pteranodon 30 lvl.
:black_small_square: Jurassic World strike — 06.23 (Sunday). Enemies: Blue (24) + Indominus Rex (25) + Tyrannosaurus (26).


Thank you ^^


Thank you! :grinning:
Ouuuuu…the theme one worries me. :grimacing: The bosses usually make me panic too, but the optimist in me thinks this one might be doable?

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Gonna be some crazy swapping-in on that Pteranodon strike.


For me, for the theme one, it will be:

As usual dimorph/purrutaurus for rex
Suchotator for blue
Purrutaurus/draco or alankylausaurus for indominus

Dont want to plan the boss one as they will swap like crazy …

I’m expecting swaps too. I’m curious to see who leads this one.

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Suchotator and Nullify or ID.

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