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Strike tower bosses this week march


That’s one set of bosses lol the Sunday one isnt a boss battle.

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Interesting tho. Very odd for Wednesday. Still wonder what is in the boss battle for Saturday

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Saturday is up :sweat_smile:

You have to be kidding :crazy_face::joy::joy:


What is going on? Is it only me who thinks that all recent strike towers are more challenging than ever and most people won’t be able to get even one incubator? This is crazy…


This week is going to be harder than last week. Not sure low level will be able to get at least one epic incubator… lets start to plan though

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Saturday is probably those 4 lvl30 raptors

Saturday is on the second picture and Sunday on the first one

The 3x level 30 Uniques won’t be that hard with some high level dino players … high level means around level 25 …

Erlikodom can easily kill Dilorach (which I think will come first), speed-up strike + rampage … Then strike and run to Dracoceratops … then … have to plan further :slight_smile:

So 1/4 epic incs for me… not nice…


If Sunday is Advanced, and Wednesday and Saturday are Master, then what the hell is Expert supposed to be? Or have Ludia forgotten that they display an Expert icon on their adverts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They seriously need to quit this 3 x 30 rubbish.

1 tower being that is ok, but 2 is unacceptable.


They need to make it challenging for the top level players, otherwise why do you level dinos up that high. I love the challenge.

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Stego led L30s doesn’t look too bad; combo of bleeders and tanks should take them out - if someone wants to do the maths you probably don’t even need that high levels (but obviously will be out of reach of newbies).

The other one is terrifying and only for a few although as demonstrated by last weekend some unexpectedly will beat it. You need challenges for the higher level players. I was so pumped when I beat Sunday’s tower with an immune team.

My missus has just started playing and is just “heyho - I know I’m not good enough to try that yet” - no drama. As a complete aside I read many topics about how the game must be so disheartening for new players but not seeing that at all - she has so many more creatures in a couple of days than I had after weeks of playing - we now have event supply drops, strike towers, increased hybrid ingredient spawns, battle incubators and so many more creatures in total - she’s having a blast!


Yes, ONE tower.

Not two, limiting off 95% of the playerbase for not one, but two incubators.

Also, there is the arena for the 3 x 30 rubbish.

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Gotta keep tream L5 happy… They pay the bills. Otherwise, why would Ludia keep them around.

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Theres only 3 epic strike this week ^^’


Maybe make 1/2 doable with good strategy for low/mid and other 2 for high lvl players.

Good luck getting them to change by moaning. :joy::+1:t2: