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Strike tower bosses this week



The lvl 30 spinotahsuchus ia not very difficult,hopefully i can Beat the 7 step one,but that immune duo is very difficult because you can’t bleed them


Yeah lvl 30 Tryo, no idea what I could use for that, plus lvl 30 Dimetrodon on top of that.

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Indom cloak n indo evasive comes to mind, n hope rng in your favour.


Yeah I got IRex, but not Indo. Will have to give this one a bit more thought than the others.


Gorgosuchus as well, since there is no slowing effect from opp dinos. Esp if tyro uses ready to crush, may buy us 1 more turn?


For the immune duo, better use higher speed dino, tryo will loose a turn using ready to crush i guess, so indoraptor, thor or high allosino with their instant charge can be good. Fast and/or high damage is the key !

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Monostego to nullify Tryo or Dimetrodon.


You can bleed Spino and then use immunes…

With try and dimetrodon… god help us to be honest :smile:
But we could use chompers since they have realtively small health, something to nullify tryo I guess…


Decent L indoraptor might be a good shout.


Yeah Spino will be an easy one. Just use bleed and something with Invincibility, Proceratomimus could also be useful to win time while Spino bleeds out.

But that immune duo geez…I already got nightmares from dat lvl 30 Dime Gen 2 but Tryo and Dime Gen 1 going to be a tough one.

Huh. Maybe I‘ll use Thor for high dmg and instant charge so I could do 3x dmg IF Tryo uses RTC. Then when Tryo would be ready to use 2x dmg I‘d use IC.
But what do use against Dimetrodon. Perhaps I‘d also go with lvl 21 Tryo and hopefully survive two hits. Then I could also go with Indoraptor (fast, high dmg) and Gorgosuchus (faster, high dmg, but low lvl only 17) or maybe Indom or Dracoceratops.

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My erlidom can start off with 2700 damage. If it survives first hit hit and run into a dracoC maybe or dioraj.

Utarinex can do 2100 damage twice and survibe any first shot. So coupled with a hit and run and a draco g2/C or diroaj or anything with counter would help.

But with indo and erlidom following it should be easy enough. Im glad there is only 2 dinos.

For lower ranked players. Tough one. Perhaps a trex and allo or tarbo and hope for crits followed by a raptor. If you dart well enough allosino or utahsino. Monostegos nullify can work a treat vs tryo because any follow up dino will finish it off. Irex cloack may help.

High hitting/speedy dinos/high hp is what you need. Dimet is easy its the tryo you wanna take down first


Depends what comes out first.


Yeah and it could be random too. If i had weaker dinos id wait for feedback off the forun