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Strike Tower Challenge Option

Most of the strike towers are very easily completed once a player has a few high level dinosaurs and they are no longer a challenge, just a daily occurrence to add some more coins and dinosaur DNA ( which may or may not be needed by the player) and boosts.

If a player wants them to be more challenging they can by selecting dinosaurs that are more level appropriate for that strike tower. But other than challenging oneself, there’s nothing to be gained other than self satisfaction.

What if we were able to select a more challenging mode for the strike tower and the reward for completing it would be an increase in the rewards? The Challenge mode could either be (automatic in which; the player selects no dinosaurs above a certain level based on the Strike Tower opponents) or (an on/off selection on the team selection screen in which; All dinosaurs selected for the battle would be scaled back to a certain level based on the Strike Tower opponents). Just using 25% as an example; say the normal reward for completing the strike tower was 20 DNA and 200 coins, for completing it in a challenge mode you would receive 20 DNA + 5 DNA Challenge bonus and 200 coins + 50 coins Challenge bonus.

I know we currently have some special Strike Towers which put restrictions on which dinosaurs can be selected for the Strike, but even those are easy for somebody with high level dinosaurs that doesn’t want to challenge themself.

A bonus system might encourage players to challenge themself instead of just knocking out the strike towers because they are there. But wouldn’t force anybody to do them in a more challenging mode if they didn’t want to.