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Strike Tower Difficulty Clarity


First of all, I noticed that the “Expert” level is never used and it should be used when there is an epic tower with 2 level 30 dino’s.

There needs to be a better understanding as to what level creatures we are going to face so I put this together as a suggested better difficulty scheme to follow so we know by the Difficulty level what we will be able to handle. You should not use “Master” if there are only 2 level 30 dino’s. That should be “Expert”. “Master” should be strictly the 3 level 26 to 30 strike towers.


Right now my team falls between the Expert and Master. I did beat one 3 level 30 strike tower but only took out 2 dino’s of the others that came because of faster dino’s than I have.


Or they could just use some common sense. A few weeks ago a single L30 Trex was classed as Master. Every player on the planet used bleed and beat it.