Strike Tower distribution since update is off

Hi there! Since the update I will have almost no strike towers in range, and even they are they are almost all the same ones. I had to really search in the car to find the ones I needed yesterday. Strike towers need to be distributed evenly, and not just one kind for miles on end. Is there any way to get this fixed? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hey WhiteWolf1211, could I ask you to email your support key and screenshots of your in-game map to our team at Itโ€™d help our team gather information.


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will do! Thanks so much!

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I am seeing this as well. Yesterday I drove 20 miles and never saw one of the strike towers.

Big lack of green towers Saturday Sunday and again Monday too hard to collect tokens an new Dino again. Very disappointing

same one greeen box thatโ€™s it for miles

ok two - but the one is in a school