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Strike Tower DNA = Distance?

Had gotten such cruddy DNA from this Pterosaur Duo Strike I began to wonder, do strike towers operate like supply drops? If you’re not in the inner circle of them are the rewards less/worse? I had never thought about it before as the supply drops have a message. Anyway, just curious. Been hard to get outside much with all the rain here.

It’s been confirmed by @Jorge that the rewards of strike towers do not change by your distance to it.
Sadly it’s just your bad luck with incubators, as we everyone get.


Yea i saw some people comment saying they got 2 thousand dracorex gen 2 and I was hoping to get the same. I ended up with 3 thousand stigymoloch gen 2 dna instead. LOL

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Yeah I was hoping for something useful but was disappointed when I got a bunch of useless dna. I was able to create maisaura but that was the only highlight.

Thanks @Wilshire1966. That was my assumption, but you know what they say about assuming…

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Yeah I got 4343 Dracorex Gen 2 dna from that tower and I wasn’t standing right at the tower either.


Thanks. Was hoping for that Drac DNA, but no joy. Oh well, maybe next time.