Strike Tower Glitch: Evasive Stance on Monomimus Disappears when AI Uses Swap-In Strike

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Bug Description: When using Evasive Stance in Monomimus during the strike towers today (both the epic and the white one), if the opponent uses swap-in strike on another dino, the Monomimus’ evasive stance disappears and it doesn’t dodge

Area is was found in: Epic and regular Power-Up Strike Tower

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Do the Power-Up Strike (epic or regular)
Step 2 - Pick Monomimus as your dino, use evasive stance
Step 3 - Wait for the AI to swap out its dino and swap in one with swap in strike
Step 4 - Evasive stance disappears with still 2 turns left on cooldown so you can’t re-activate it

How often does it happen: 3x now

What type of device are you using: iPhone 7+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here). If you must use evasive stance, make sure your dino is over-leveled in order to have enough hp to withstand some damage

I guess that means we can’t use: stun, invincibility shield, or evasive stance when we do strike tower now?

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Same thing happens in regular battles too. At least, I’ve erased someone’s indoraptor evasive when I switched to my diorajasaur…

The indominus strike erased my alanqa’s long invincibility too. I did the move, then the indom’s cloak managed to make my shield disappear.

They’ll act concerned, but won’t offer anything in compensation.

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I’m convinced this is their ploy of forcing us to spend money to level our dinos to 30 :roll_eyes: because when none of these moves work, the only counter is over-leveling

Pocemon did a video of this last week i think… most swap in abiloties will break cloak and evasive

Had this same issue. Made me lose the epic strike today. :confused:

Thanks for reporting this to us @Idris, could you email our staff here at with your support key? It’ll allow our team to gather more information and investigate to see what the problem might be.