Strike tower improvements

At the point most players are at strike towers are barely worth the time it takes to finish them and they are not challenging what so ever so I think a few things should be done with them.

First of all the grey tower the blue and grey the gold and grey and the blue towers are too easy for anyone who has been playing more than a few months so either they make them harder and give better rewards or for the people who are level 20 you just put your team in and simulate the battle and you get the rewards fast.

Next the thing that most people probably miss is that there used to be “boss” battles ever once and awhile like lord lythro and the goat and you could receive the large gold incubators.

Isn’t lord Lathrop just part of the campaign? And the goat was for an April fools event so there was reasoning for that, and I presume lythro may have also been an April fools boss but idk

Lord lythornax was the the first april fools boss. First it was the lord lythornax(2019) then it was the goat(2020) then it was the dodo(2021)

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