Strike tower is confused

I tried to do today’s strike tower and the game had to find me an opponent but couldn’t and timed out. Smh.

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Hey MikkoAmour, I’ve not heard of this before with the Strike towers. Could you contact our support team here at with your support key and the date and time you tried to enter the tower so our team can investigate? Also, does this happen with other Strike towers as well or just a specific one?

Yeah! Same with me…i had to reboot the game…and when it restarted: i was in the strike tower battle already :slight_smile:…i guess we shouldnt be suprised about havind a new bug.

Ive had this happen before was right after 1.4 and the game was tring to download small assets and i had spotty service in the spot… had to restart to correct it.

Idk how u guys just sit there and let the timer run. Haven’t u learned by now to restart the game if it doesnt connect? :man_shrugging:

Because it’s never happened to me and I was interested in seeing what happens when the time runs out. It was a strike tower. Not the battle arenas.