Strike tower literally covered my game

Several hours ago, I found a Monolophosaurus hide in the strike tower. That’s the last Monolopho I’ll need to evolve my Monomimus.
So I keep trying to “save” it out, and finally successed. But…

Don’t know why, the strike tower UI covered my screen, even though I am back to the map.

Or fusing DNA.


The most annoying thing is, when I am darting that Monolopho, the strike tower UI is also there.
Just because I want to focus on darting, so didn’t take a screenshot.

Whoa, I can safely say that I’ve never seen this visual issue before! We’d love to try and investigate this further, so could you reach out to our team at, including these screenshots and your support key in the email? If you could remember what you did in order to trigger this, it would also help us a lot! Otherwise, congratulations on getting enough Monolophosaurus DNA to evolve your Monomimus!

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I have also had this bug twice. Never reported it though. Gonna try to find if I have any screenshots or have I deleted them already

Edit: nope I don’t have any left. Already deleted them.