Strike towers(26.11)

I didn’t knew where to really put this but i have this issue for some time. There is rare and epic strike towers as you all know and i get that some are harder to get but this is a 2nd day that i dont see this towers even like 1km away it just spawns same ones i did all ready over and over again. Went 1 km to one side till big road nothing. Went to other side 1km nothing again. I missed 1 incubator couse i didnt even had a chance to get it and now same happens with another one todays rare one. Idk if thats a glitch or on perpouse but if its a glitch i hope that its gonna be fixed couse not all ppl have cars to drive like 300km to get 1 incubator :frowning: I really don’t wanna miss epic one next so maybe there is a chance that tower spawns can be incresed a bit?