Strike towers disappeared


Just had a mini update and all strike towers gone… anyone else ??

Where is my event?

Same. At least for the blue (rare) ones.


They are still around for me


Same for me too. In fact I can see one, which is the Resilience one, but all the others are gone. Not a worry for me though as I did both rare towers anyway.


I had done 5 out of 7
And hadn’t done the single event tower…

Will not be happy if they don’t come back


Same here. There gone. Only see one blue one off in distance.


WHERE ARE THEY :sob: I still have one to do


I had 1 more fight left and now theyre all gone… ugh


I had one on each supply drop here and one of them up the top and they’re all gone :frowning:


Brachiosaurus strike event had 18 hours left.


Yeah and the longer one had over 2 days left :confused: :confused: Can’t see a single Strike tower from where I’m at, before the update I could see at least four or five.


Gone for me as well.


mine are gone now too and i just got off work and was going to find one…they better come back!!!


Nice how ludia always reply to pointless things, yet never reply when it’s an actual problem that lots of people are having


They just did an in game update for 135 mb

I wonder if it has something to do with this


Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this. Reach out to our support team at with your location information and support key so they can take a closer look and see if there might be any issues.


Yea… that’s what happened and they went


Oh yeah hold on whilst I write an email that takes two weeks to get me 10 brachio dna :joy:


I was in the middle of the last battle for the large one. It told me to reconnect. I had to restart and after a 137mg download, it is GONE. An update at 12:20pm? At least make them in the hour!! I have driven around for half hour and only see the single battle ones. So frustrated.


They give you DNA? Lol