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Strike towers not on map

None here.

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None here either…plenty of the lunar new year chases but no strike towers

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None here either

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Hey everyone, our team is working on it! :sweat_smile:


Thanks for getting on it!

None here either, I was at the park, all I could see were green drops and rat boxes.

I finally have 3 green drops within reach of my house. I guess when strikes come back I can kiss those goodbye.

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I assume they’re either coming within an hour or they’re getting extra time, right?

Are the lunar chests not meant to have interactions as well?

@Birchy, I believe it’s only coins. Sanctuary items can still be found in Supply Drops, however.

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@SideWinder, no information on that yet. :sweat:

No strike towers on my map either :frowning:

Would be fair to extend them at least. It’s evening in europe now, and with a fulltime job I’m limited to what I can reach from work during the day. If they’re not available soon I probably won’t be able to actually do them unless I get really lucky at work. :confused:

Also no new year scents in supply drops like it says either on my map

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There is moderate amount of green supply drops but zero strike towers.

I see towers now, but still no New Years scents in the supply drops.

Anyone see the scent strike?

I see it, and of course it’s out of reach.

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I have been on the JWA game for the last 25 minutes and there are no Strike Events anywhere in site. Five other Alliance Members have reported the same problem.There were suppose to be 3 Strike Events on Monday, January 20th.

It’s a known issue… they are currently working on it!