Strike towers - select from full lab instead of current team

Just a minor suggestion, since we get to select which specific dinos we use for strike events anyway, it would be quite cool if the game just let us select them from the full range in our lab instead of having to change around our team all the time. Of course, it could just be me thinking that! :slight_smile:


This would save a lot of time great idea!


I totally agree! :slightly_smiling_face:


100% agree on this.

Come on people put a post here so Ludia can notice we are a lot of people asking for this! :+1:


Yh this makes complete sence to me aswell


Or, as some people have suggested before, the ability to have multiple teams. This would allow us to tailor different teams to different situations. One for arena, one (or several) for strike events and one for friendly battles.

Personally speaking, I have enough trouble finding dinos in the lab screen when sitting at home, let alone standing in the street preparing for battle. :joy:


I agree and also on friends battles!


In addition, let’s have different sets for team of 8 that we can pick which one we want to be up for different purposes.


Good idea. It’s annoying swap dinos everytime, expecially when you have to deal with multiple and different Events


I fully support that idea.


Ooh that would be fantastic actually. I’m just tired of getting my butt handed to me in arenas when I forget to swap my team back after a strike :laughing: I know it’s my fault for forgetting but I do feel like a simple change like this wouldn’t be hard for Ludia to implement and would be way more convenient for players. For most strike towers I would just use my top dinos anyway but for the ones where you have to be more strategic, having a dedicated strike team would make it way easier to do while on the move.

Totally agree

This is a waste of programming time, if you really need to edit your team, just do it. Besides loading a bleeder for rajasaurus, your battle team should be just fine 99% of the time.

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Our rugby team has a player named Aaron Smith. I’m fangirling right now.

Love this idea. Especially when you forget to change your team before you battle and end up with a level 10 Apato on your team when all of your other dinos are 18-19 haha.

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