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Strike Towers with restrictions

I know I’m not speaking for everybody. But the strike towers use to be challenging and required strategies.
They also brought me to the forum to watch the videos to find out the order and moves. They are no longer exciting.

What about having restrictions on the dinos allowed to be used like the new tournaments.

An epic only strike tower or rare hybrids only. A non-boosts strike tower or immune only.

Personally I would like the challenge. I’m certain some will not agree with this, so maybe just add one for the week. Don’t take any away, but give us the one we need to earn.



No thanks. Not everyone has epic/rare hybrids at high enough levels to be useful, and not everyone has strong enough immune dinos. Restrictions like these alienate players. Even if it’s flat leveled like in tournaments.

I worked hard to get my team of level 23-26 uniques. I should be able to wipe the floor with them on strike events. A year long grind should be rewarded with easy epic incubators.


This option is already available to you without forcing it on everyone else, by simply changing your team for the strike tower.


If wiping the floor with your boosted uniques is fun for you that’s great. It doesn’t do much for me. I do change my lineup to try and get a little more enjoyment with these towers.

Personally I thought the idea of restrictions could prove challenging and would create a bit of a buzz. Especially in this forum where people use to post videos and ask for help strategizing.

I didn’t think this idea was for everyone. But an extra challenge could be fun for some.

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Personally I prefer to use my best and crush the towers. That is why they are there.


I agree it’s a problem, but not with restrictions. I miss the challenges to my main team… the forum discussing how we can beat the towers, different strategies that can be used, etc…

I just beat today’s Epic just with my Utasino 27 WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE… One more thing that boosts have ruined…


at least strike towers shouldn’t allow boost to be a challenge again :}


Indeed, that’s all it takes… And it would be cool if they add four dinos again (and fix that stupid thing where the AI keeps swapping the last dino).

Before this boosts era they where giving us really challenging towers. I remember there were many that I couldn’t win, with three or even four Uniques and Legendaries. Suddenly even that is over… It’s like they know they screwed up the towers, so why bother putting a team of Uniques if they’re gonna get their butts kicked anyway?..


That is the simplest way, the user can make them as challenging, or not, as they wish. Just change up your crew if you want it difficult.


When epic strike towers events started me and many only had 16/19 Legendaries such as Indominus and Stegodeus and we were able to manage most of them.

Not always… but working on strategy and not always based on brute force we defeated the strike events.

Epic strike towera MUST BE CHALLENGING but not impossible. Boosts have made newer players face this strike towers without thinking.

Let us old players have challenging events and not this silly events just to press any button to win…


Put those 16 - 19 Legendary back in and give it a go with them. No one is forcing you to one shot them all.


Just add an option for towers to deactivate boosts and give a little more rewards for those who do that , that way everyone is happy ^^


I like your suggestion which can please most players.
Or just simply remove boosts when entering those towers.
Those who suggest changing our team before going to the tower, if I do that, I will not be able to use, say Magna since it is boosted, in the tower if I need a strong immune dino there.

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Old players? I’ve been here since June. I lost several strike events in the time it took to get where I am now. You already have the opportunity to have challenging events. Use your weaker dinos as opposed to your boosted ones. For all my grinding and all my losses to previous strike events, I deserve easy wins. I worked hard to be able to do them.

The time and hard work it took me to get where I am is precisely one more reason why I’d like that difficulty back. NOW that I’m more able to beat those hard strike towers, they aren’t here anymore =/

Changing the team doesn’t make any sense. That’s totally pointless and stupid because a huge part of the fun is doing the best you can with the best you have. Besides, nobody would really risk losing and miss on all the coins (and no one in their right mind would want to waste 200hc for a retry, in this era when cash is needed for boosts).

Truth is they probably want more and more stronger players faster so they are just giving away the coins…

I did and still do that… waisted 200 hard cash once cause I didn’t plan well xD

Dont really find the fun just using my boosted dinos for the epic towers specially the lvl 30 one. Of course i go with my A team if I dont have time to plan it though :sweat_smile:


Notice there havent been any really difficult master level towers?

I dun even think these few recent master towers would be a major challenge without boosts. There are no uniques or legendaries. Just 1 Epic and 2 Rares/Commons.

The only tower I battle with my arena team is the master one and that is because of level issues. The rest I play with a randomly selected team from my unboosted collection and just squash them.

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That’s why it’s clear they don’t care. They want players stronger and fast… Probably noticed it’s good for business…

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Ow… that’s a waste. But that’s what I’m talking about, even if there are players that want to risk it for fun, they would select a proper team to beat it, 'cause no one wants to lose… In your case, it was a miscalculation

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Ironically it made arena less fun. Too many strong players and nowhere to store them.

Maybe the solution would be to actually NOT reset trophies for 3 to 4 seasons and then set the loss trophies to half and double the win trophies. So players move up the arenas faster. Then the top can have more fodder/matches.