Strike Towers


I have been hearing from friends of towers popping up in different areas. Some are calling them PVE “Strike Towers” that you can battle against bots. I haven’t found any myself in my area but found a nice video about it in a link below. If you have found any in your area let me know what you thought of battling against bots.

Here is link to video:


I’d rather battle against bots deliberately in Strike Towers than randomly in the Battle menu.


Yeah i know what you mean.


I haven’t seen any yet. Have they been implemented as yet?


I have looked all day and none i can see. Maybe in some of the big cities?


I got a message in game about strike towers and to come to this forum. This is only thread about them at the moment.


In the notes for the new update, it says they appear on a weekly basis. I’m guessing once a week for a limited period.


I haven’t seen one yet and I drive around for 8 hours a day at work through multiple cities, and 1-3 hours almost every night.