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Strikes and drops moving around

I went on the game earlier this morning to be greeted by an increase of green supply drops, two of which were in my circle, with an Epic strike close by. But now that I go on, the one green drop is gone and so is the Epic strike, I still see them off in the distance of course, but why move them around after they first spawn on the map? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Old bug. If you have the game on before the start of the new strikes/green drops, and then close it, when you re-open it, they may move.

You mean when they first populate the map? That makes sense, but I opened my game up after the reset time when new strikes and green drops pop up.

I guess the bug has ascended. Or maybe it always did this even after, but I never got the chance to notice it since I always caught the pop up time while being logged in.

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It made me sad because I had a Spinonyx drop and a rare drop in my circle. Now only the Spinonyx drop is left.

I have Spino and there’s a rare just east of here, but I don’t always reach it. I still went outside to dart the nyx. There’s also a chest that I can reach from the kitchen and 2 guaranteed normal drops. Filling up on sanctuary items is going well.

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Same here, I just hope that the Spinonyx drop doesn’t move, because I have no idea where any other is. All the green drops are either rare drops or Spinonyx, but I can’t say as they don’t have anything under them now.

Yeah, if they didn’t end the next day at the same time, it would have been easier to tell by the timer.

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