In he past recent while,I have noticed that Epic and Rare strikes ,etc are always very few and mostly out of my range,because of trials flooding each and every single spot on the map,I mean,we are in quarantine and cannot really go out,so we should have a separate column for trials,or a different way to do trials. I have missed out on the strike event stats from the past 3 weeks,and atleast 3/4th of the epic and rare strikes,this is absolutely ridiculous ludia, now I feel like Trials should be removed. Maybe not removed but made very infrequent or accessible only when you complete all the other events as a extra bonus.

Idk, I kinda like the trials, because I get to use some Legendaries and Uniques that I wouldn’t use in any other non-tournament event, or regular PVP.

I know,I am saying that they should be different,and not flood the map because they flood the map and do not let space for epic strikes,rare strikes,etc,which are far more important,you can use other dinosaurs even in the strike events. @Persianking44 .

So I counted. In my visible area there is 62 points:

  • green drop: 16 = 26%
  • empty orange box: 16 = 26%
  • scent strike: 1 = 1.6%
  • common strike: 1 = 1.6%
  • rare strike: 8 = 13%
  • trial strike: 20 = 32%

Thats all in subject

The green drops are the event drops,there are none in my range,from the last week,how is it possible. @Turitutu4890XD