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Why on earth is every gold strike either crap easy. Or all lvl 30s, make it possible for more than 10% of your players

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I think it is subjective…

the players that are all level 20 with level 25+ dino’s would find every strike extremely easy if it were to be catered to level 10-15 dinos…

I don’t believe that the strikes are supposed to be free giveaways of DNA for everyone… so those that can beat it will benefit and those that don’t… well, they can beat the “crap easy” strikes and be happy with what they got from those…

And just for the record… the “gold strike” are supposed to be tough for the vast majority of players… and some players won’t even stand a chance… that’s why there are the white and blue strikes… for those that don’t have a good enough team or dino’s leveled high enough to beat the gold strikes…


Tommorow you will have lvl 19,20 and 21…
What is your answer?

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60 :smiley:


1 point!
well played ,sir!


+1 bonus point for correctly saying the 1st step.


Well. To beat the tower…
Suchotator instant destrac and wound.
I’ve always been bad at maths…


Wait, so since i did it i’m in the top 10%? Yay!

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