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Strong Creatures Below Arena 6, Normal?


When I reach the +2300 Trophies I come across Strong Extremely Strong Hybrids, Like Indominus Rex And Stegodeus … Am I In The Arena Wrong Or Do I Have Bad Luck?


It is ok. I think people loosing their trophies to get down, because it is much easier to fight with low-level creatures and make daily-rewarded activities.

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It Can Be That!
Thanks for your answer!


That arena backdrop looks awesome!! Wish backdrops were a setting I could choose and cycle between.

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Yeah, I feel like that should be a feature for friendly battles. Choose your arena setting. I personally prefer the look of Lockwood, but I forget some of the early ones. I think SS Arcadia was pretty cool too.

Aaaaaaanyway… you’re probably facing someone who dropped on purpose, OP.


Like this? Not fun, huh?!


I jus keep looking at that ridiculously beautiful background. Weird flex, but I definitely appreciate and am super jelly of it.

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Seems to be prevalent during the competition - trophies. Not sure exactly how it works, but have seen uniques down at some very low levels during the competitions.

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Not necessarily people dropping… Store offers, on occasion, legendary incubators, guaranteed to give you the required DNA to create a legendary… And the legendaries I am seeing are low level…

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Let’s make this a thing:

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