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Stronger Alphas


Not everyone lives on the same time zone and have the opportunity to participate in alpha battles. Those that are just able to make it dont get the full experience. I understand that the team is still ironing out the kinks but perhaps have the alphas appear in intervals of 6 hours, 3-4 times a day?

Nevermind multiple Alphas, have stronger Alphas that can hold up multiple clan member attacks throughout the day to give all members a chance to take a swing.
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The clan events are almost pointless currently and I’m actually doing alright. Why would you have an event that last for 5 minutes once a day? I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for others


Some confirmation on the specifics of the Alpha battles would be nice to share with my clan members. I am assuming that today’s battle was representative of what to expect going forward. Multiple battles don’t seem to be the direction it is headed. Unless I have been misinformed, the difficulty of the Alphas will eventually increase to the point that it takes longer than 7 minutes to defeat it. That being said, there was no difference in the difficulty between today’s Alpha and yesterday’s. If the difficulty doesn’t start scaling up rather quickly, the majority of clan members will be left frustrated and keyless.


You’re right. Having one, stronger Alpha throughout the day would be best. No point in having a team when only a few can participate.

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I wonder if devs could.speed up the star level for us. Maybe a lot to ask but worth a shot


Adding to the above, the battles start at 4am in Australia, none of us have a chance to join in.


Please Institute a 23hr timer


I didn’t even get to see the alpha spawn. It spawns at 1am my time. Out of 18 people only 6 got to hit it. This is quite unfair. Make so that everyone can hit it at least once everytime it spawns, or better yet, make the chest keys that drop from killing the alpha universal for the clan, not just for the people that hit it.


I believe the point of the Alpha is for it to mature to the point that it takes the entire clan 24hrs of attacks to defeat. That will make it the best content of the game to this point in my opinion. The patience needed and frustration caused by the maturing process is what makes it the least enjoyable content for the majority of players right now simply because they aren’t able to enjoy it at all. After we see the first step forward in the strength of the Alpha, it will become more clear where it is headed. I was just expecting to see that first step forward today.