Stronger dinos in Incubators?

Since we got information about “hybrids being in incubators”, does it means that Legendaries and Uniques will be directly into incubators, or will it be components of it ?
Not sure, but i want to know what you guys think about it. Looks downright insane, but i want to be told if i get hyped for nothing.

I am thinking the componants for the hybrids are in the incubators and not the actual legendaries and uniques themselves otherwise the grind will be minimal for dna

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Now after re-reading multiple times. I think you may be correct. From what I get it says 3rd column is basically for when that dino becomes available for fusing

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Yh they don’t want to make the game to easy and accesable for all the uniques and legendaries

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you guys talking about this??

" * When access to a given creature grants the user first-time access to a hybrid through battle rewards only, the creature is added to the list in the third column for clarity purposes."

to me that means even if you don’t have the hybrid… once you unlock the arena, that hybrid will unlock because you can now recieve dna for it in incubators. so if you get up a few arenas all those unlocks will be found in the incs. but everything above will not yet.

or not lol. after rereading it might just mean that at that level you should be able to get all the ingredient needed to create those… like you all mentioned above.

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Yh it doesn’t seem like they would just hand out legendary and unique dna to anyone who makes the arena but will see when we get the update

Definitely worded by a lawyer lol

This, its just that at that areba level, you have acces to all ingredients in incubators.
You can still create it with wild and event dinos before ever reaching certain arena’s though…

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