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Stronger opponents depending on time of day


Hi all,

I was wondering… I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I noticed that when I battle during the morning and afternoon (I live in The Netherlands, CET timezone) my opponents are way stronger. Not talking about 1 or 2 levels, more like 8 levels stronger in some cases. Also, I keep getting the same dino’s in a lot of battles. No match for the dino’s I face while I have better dino’s in my team… I just got out a losing streak of more than 10 games in a row so I’m back at level 6 “Lockdown”…

But when I battle late in the evening, my opponents are much more to my level plus I get a better rotation of battling dino’s. Causing me to win more.

What do you think causes this? Do many European players have no social life so are they just ridiculously good? :joy: And do I get more fair opponents when people in the US are playing?

Or is it the opposite, are there not enough players in the European time zone so do I face (too strong) bots? Loading time for battles are 2-3 seconds… I’m really curious to know! Because I needed incubators else I really try to avoid playing this game during the day… It is no fun to battle.



It’s pretty sure they have more than one setup with bots.
Not only level 30, but also level 25 and who knows how much more bots are involved.
It’s clear when there are no opponents searching for a match, or they do not match your score, a bot match is setup.
So responding to you’re question, yes it depends on the time… when it’s more quiet…