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Struggling to change my team - suggestions?

Hi all,

This has been my team for a while (sometimes swapping Monolorhino with Dracoceratops):

I have been hesitant to add any apex creature because they didn’t have enough level and I wasn’t sure how to rearrange it. However with the boost event I am even more confused about what changes should I potentially make and which creatures should I boost (at the moment all my team creatures are fully boosted). Feels like every team will get very similar with the same 4 creatures though…

These are my next in line creatures:

Any suggestions please?

No matter what level, apex are the way to go. JMO

thor → mortem
mammolania → cera

I would say keep mammolania and replace magnapyritor by ceramagnus.

Maybe hadros lux instead of ardentismaxima as well.

And mortem rex instead of thor.

I would replace spyx with Cera, Thor with Morty and possibly Maxima with Hadros

Would you keep Monolorhino with Ceramagnus then or swap them? They kinda serve the same purpose