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Struggling to find opponents in the arena

I don’t know if this is universal right now, but today, I’ve been struggling to find (and hold onto) opponents in the arena.

I’ve had 6 matches in total Time Out. That’s 6 minutes of waiting for that timer to go down a minute, only to be told “nah sorry didn’t work out”. On top of that, the timer for AI goes down to about 10-5 seconds, only to bring me to that screen later. So about 10 minutes just trying to find an opponent.

Of course, when I finally got through to someone, they promptly dodged 10 times during the match and my precise/null dinos weren’t picked.

Is there a reason why I couldn’t have just had an AI battle after the match timed out? 10 minutes of waiting in the library is a joke.


It’s been the same for me in the Library recently.

I’m not sure if it’s just because there aren’t many playing when I’m looking for a match up?

When I finally got a match up earlier it was against a player with 4x level 29 boosted dinos and a high score of 56**. I have one 27 and one 26 others are 24 and a high score of 51** so it’s hardly fun when it does find one anyway!


I am in lower library and have not played a match there in 4 days. Too many bad match-ups, overboosted dinos, or time outs. I finally gave up.

I wish they would make friendlies count toward incubators (I don’t care about trophies honestly). Then I would start playing friendly matches. I mean, you know, if they fixed them so they worked and all :wink:

You cant find matches while I am getting crushed by the pity bots :sob:

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People are likely spending time with their families and playing the tournament.

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But aren’t we one big community family =D.

I wonder who is the Grinche lol

You rang


Also lol I wish… they just watch movie and stay up till 3:00 am

Same thing here. Bouncing between Gyrosphere and Library, lots of time-outs, and a few AI fights. I don’t understand the time-outs. Shouldn’t I always get an AI option when the timer reaches 0?

When I tried battling during my lunch break, took 4 tries before I got connected to an opponent.

But after that it was smooth sailing. Managed about 5 battles before I decided I better eat some lunch during my lunch break :grin: