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Struggling to Remain as an Active Player


I feel that I am going to be coming to a crossroad with this game…

I’ve been playing since July/August and I am a casual player (I play a lot on the weekends and just recently hit level 20), have a decent team of dinos… and overall enjoy the game however,

With the changes coming to the strikes… I will miss out the vast majority of the time… either from working or sleeping… the weekends is when I am most active since that is when I am home… so common and rare events were a hit and miss for me… depended mostly on if they were reachable from work or the hotel…

For me, these events made the game a lot more fun. So while I do enjoy the game, it seems as if Ludia just takes away from the players…

This is what I mean:

1: Finding the dino’s and even the excitement from finally being able to create one I didn’t have
2: Leveling up the dino’s
3: Getting max rewards from spinning
4: The event dino’s and the event strike
5: My wife and I compete when it comes to darting… we always see who does better

1: Let’s give them less event times (weekends are a no go unless it is special and we have uniques or legendary)
2: Lets also give them less of these special supply drops where event dinos spawn - less spawns and of course less coin from spins since there are less drops so they will spend more money
3: Let’s give them less strike towers
4: Let’s add more dino’s to the game but not release them in the wild - (goes hand in hand with less event time for dinos)

1: Let’s keep the same sub par almost not fun PvP battles
2: Let’s keep the multiple random server disconnects and also the “There is a problem with your google account” errors
3: No multiple fuse option, seriously… this isn’t too hard to program into the game with the already in place fuse system
4: Let’s keep the spawns mechanics the same crap as well… this is definitely not a walking around town type of game unless maybe bigger cities is where it is at…
5: I’m sure I 'm missing other things, so insert that here…

Of course, I am frustrated… but I am looking for reasons to stay… I feel like I won’t have as much fun playing the game anymore…

And yes, I do know that for the most part, Ludia listens to the community to an extent… they can’t let the community run them though so I get that… it is a business and they need to make money…

What keeps you playing? Or should I ask, what will keep you playing?

Or am I just spoiled form the events that they have been doing that are still rather newish if you started playing at the time of the release…

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I Always hear people who lost interest in the game and the truth not if it is because I still do not reach the highest levels or because I usually entertain with this type of Pokemon games


My collection keeps me going. Every update brings a new hunt with it, the challenge to obtain them all before the next crop. I refinished a few days ago, when I got Scolo and Skoola.
I also enjoy the Arena. You may see a lot of the same… to me, that’s kind of fun. When you get mirror matches there’s more instinct and intuition, trying to outmaneuver the opponent. There are also people with “unconventional” teams out there.
I started on the night of May 30th, 2018. There have been ups and downs, but I’ve never seriously considered walking away from the game… except the time I had a Megalosaurus caught in a Strike Tower, back when that was still a thing. That really triggered me lol.


If it helps, I like to try out diff team combos n see where it gets me. So I constantly switch ard my dinos to see which works better. This keeps me goin :slight_smile:


We dont know for sure if weekends are a no go… seems to me they very well could start events on Wednesday for the normal weeks… considering they like to patch monday/tuesday it would essentially give them a little more time to deploy a patch before the next event starts.

Longer events with legendaries and uniques could be started on monday.


Exactly, there’s quite a bit of room for interpretation of Ludia’s announcement. Some of the speculation about what they meant is being repeated as if it’s a done deal. I prefer to wait and see how the game actually changes because I think they did a terrible job being clear on what they are planning.

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Outside of the strikes where they specifically stated were are getting less they left alot open to interpretation. The whole more regulated and more spaced out green supply depots could be good or bad, until we see its implementation its hard to know.

We all thought “we have rebalanced spawn to take account for those with multiple hybrids like trex” was a good thing… till the patch hit and we were like uh guess they ment less trex.


If only they would actually reply and communicate. They are so secretive and never tell us anything. Stealth changes in game are the worst.

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I’ll in the same boat as the OP.
Went to the city last night, normally there are spawns everywhere. There was little to nothing.
The arena is a mess. Uniques in Lockdown? Who would have thought. It’ll take quite a while for the arenas to normalize after the saint Patrick’s day event, then we’ll have a nice start to a fresh season that’ll destabilize the arenas yet again.


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For me the joy of these types of games comes from finding something new. Seeing a dino I had not seen before pop up on the map was exciting, once you approach end game all of that has long been absent. I am still playing and mostly enjoying it however I did think to myself a few days ago that the game is starting to become a choir rather than entertainment, thats usually the beginning of the end for me with any game. I cant say Im walking away because I have invested time effort and money but Im also unsure how long it will be worth my time effort and money.

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Never been much of a gamer and somehow this game has fully engulfed me. Now a level 20 with 5000+ trophies and am unsure what the ultimate goal is. Collecting all of them and making it to the top will take a lot of resources. I’m an alliance leader and that in itself keeps me playing. There are some great people out there and we are all like a big dorky family. Watching some help others with strike events and supporting those that are in need is pretty common which is great! Hopefully good things are coming in the near future.

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I enjoy walking around hunting and darting invisible critters. Gives me entertainment and something fun to do on my daily way.

Goals: To get all Dino up to level 20 with Max DNA, ready for whatever hybrid comes along. Then to bring the full deck to the same ‘strength’ so everyone can battle on the same team. If that entails a level 30 Apato on the same team as a level 21 Thor, so be it. I do not care about Trophy count.

Goals and enthusiasm for the game, for any game, will depend on the individual and what they expect out of it. If they are shooting for a level 30 battle team to make the top 10, great. Once they achieve that, the game is pretty much completed for them. Some folks might want that level 30 end-game team but not have the time (or money) to put it together. They get frustrated because it is not easy enough, it is ‘too hard’. Some folks might expect the game to keep them entertained by providing a constant updating and changing of events and strategies. If not enough changes are made the game gets ‘stale’ for them and they get bored then move on.

I take these games and look for the parts I enjoy. If there is a part I do not enjoy, I just do not do that part of the game or do the minimal required. I will modify the gameplay to where I can find a challenge I can reach for. That isn’t always playing as the game was intended to be played. Who says you have to play how everyone else is or have the same end-game goals?

Battle Arena is the part I enjoy the least due to the current setup. I do need to battle enough to get the daily to complete my missions. I have a great selection of Dino so will pick 8 and go at it. Next battle change them up and go again. I lose as much as I win because I remain at about the same trophy level over time.

I use the 95/5 rule. Battling is about 5% of the game for me so I enjoy 95% of the game. The battle meta changes over time so I might find the next change more enjoyable. I enjoy enough so it is worth waiting to see. If I had to battle 95% of the time, I would not enjoy it and walk away.

Reading posts on the forum, I really do not know what keeps some folks playing. They dislike battling, they dislike seeing too many of the same creatures, they do not see enough of the ‘good’ creatures, they do not care for events, they have too many issues connecting and so on. If that was me, I would have quit a long time ago. No long good-by post asking for folks to convince me to stay or trying to convince them to quit also. Just delete the app, delete the links associated with the game and move on. I would look for something I did enjoy spending time doing. There are literally thousands of games out there to choose from. I am not going to waste more than a few minutes of my life doing something that frustrates me when it is supposed to be fun.


You say quit, but dinosaurs! I mean, yeah some things are awful about the game, but dinosaurs!!

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