5 hours in the city playing, nothing but the usual stego and apatosauraus… How do you people do it?? All this dna to make the hybrids etc


Continually playing the game and widening your area coverage will increase your odds of finding epic dinos.

I live in a rural area. When I do not go to another city near by in a few days, then I do, there are excessive epics, fusions, occassional legendaries, and once in a great while a unique available to nab them all.


A legendary and/or a unique in the wild?? Is this even real life??


I’ve seen a fair number of Epics in the wild, but apart from showcase events, I’ve never seen a Legendary or Unique in the wild…so if that’s true, I’m super jealous! :rofl:

I agree with @Suffalufasaurus regarding expanding your area coverage, and I’d add the importance of taking note of the time of day when Rares/Epics appear more likely to spawn near you. It’s not always necessarily the amount of time, but the time of day. That being said, some days are worse than others for darting dinos—it’s just a matter of luck. It’s kinda like in real outdoor activities, like fishing and birding. Can’t catch fish every time you go out in the boat, can’t see the rare bird every time you walk out the backdoor, etc.

Best of luck!