Struthiomimus: Evolutions and Stats

Hello again my fellow Jurassic enthusiasts!!

Here are all of the evolutions for Struthiomimus:

Here are Struthiomimus‘ stats at Level 10/20/30/40:

And here is Struthiomimus maxed out in photo mode:

What do you guys think of this new creature?? Finally, an herbivore!!

How many of you guys and gals finished in Dominator to unlock Struthiomimus?


I want this but sadly i am park level 59 :frowning:

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I got him. Pretty nice level 40. Also our first tournament ornithomimid

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Why does lvl 40s are now so “boring” before they had some spikes, membranes or just larger feathers but now they are just more painted creatures.


well I admit, struthiomimus is magnificent, I am currently maximizing it, but at the moment, the level 40s are a bit boring, mylodon, Alberto (certainly, Cool, but the only change was the little horns on the head) ophthalmosaur (magnificent reptile that I even maximized for its beauty but which only have a small dorsal veil and a scar on the eye) finally there you go, I hope the next ones to come Auron a stylish level 40, otherwise, struthiomimus from JWA was a dino that I had been waiting for for a very long time, so very happy to have him!


Looks so good! Will purchase later this week during discount and max her out.

Thanks for sharing.Very cool.


How do you have the resources to do this week after week? Gets a bit expensive, yeah?

It can actually be hard to keep up with at times, hence the delay in the most recent aquatic hybrid… I tend to wait on sales for the more expensive creatures.

But in order to build up DNA— I rely heavily on my maxed out DNA factory (2K DNA per day), event completion, the trade harbor, and Code-19’s help a little bit.

Also I am able to sell off just about every creature I get through events/packs.

And ultimately I just enjoy being able to share these creatures with the community here— which in turn gives me motivation to keep grinding away at these new creatures on JWTG.

Take care!


Well, I certainly appreciate your posts. Thanks for sharing.

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Honestly I think the recent “bland” evolutions makes them look better. All those spiky stuff is wayyy to fancy imho


what do you mean? you can unlock tournament creatures if youre low level the only lev60 ones are bracket tournaments and they dont come often

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That’s actually better… I find regular level 40 to be extremely ugly and disappointing with all these horns barbs membranes etc