Struthiomimus gone?

Is anyone else noticing a lack of struthiomimus for the event drops? I haven’t seen a single one while driving around.

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Nope I’ve found loads, but not in my reach


That’s weird. I’ve been a passenger for miles and I haven’t seen a single one

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Weird: yes
same to me?: no





Oh no I missed

It’s the hardest to find of the 4 but there were a few around me this morning.

I agree, I was just able to find 2 but an overload of the other 3

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I honestly need less struthis

Yea but the non-Europeans need it for fukuimimus

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I just want it so i can get the Achievement of collecting all Continental dinosaurs.

I have barely seen any but I have found a few

I’m not European. I just done want dna that I won’t use

That’s understandable, I just really need it because fukuimimus dominates in tournaments.

I’ll just use the raids since it’s a free way to get it

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Also understandable, but I just find raiding annoying lol