Struthiomimus where to find it!

Need a bit of help please the struthiomimus when checking where to find it it says Europe…well my problem is don’t live in europe live in the southern hemisphere, its so unfair so how do I get it…

Sanctuaries are your only option at this point since it’s never gonna have an event even though it should

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How typical of Ludia of creating 3 continental creatures… It is a well known fact that there are only 3 continents on Earth…


Rinchenia was featured in an event so it could get one too


same :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have all contental creatures except Struthomimus


Its the Americas for Stegoceras, Europe (and I think africa) for Struthi, and Asia and Oceania for Rinch

So it comes out to the one per 2 continents


Europe is for Struthiomimus only, The America’s are for Stegoceras, and the rest are for Rinchenia.

Oh interesting

I thought africa was struth

I thought Rinche didn’t appear in Australia

I got mine from a sanctuary

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I was being sarcastic but a Struth event? That is never gonna happen. Why? Cause Ludia

I have all continental creatures at level 15…thanks to sanctuaries… It takes time but you can unlock them from sanctuaries just ask European members of your alliance to put thier struthiomimus in the sanctuary!

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