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Stuck and reorientation

Dear Community,

you have been very kind and helpful with my past issues, I hope you can help me again with three issues.

I’m playing the game since around 5 weeks now. I’ve never spend a cent and I never will, but via other games I had access to ten thousands of buks to make progress. My park is level 58 now and leveling is my top-prio next to getting all daily events done, which worked quite fine so far. I am even able to reach the top 1% in the PvP-tournaments allready, as long as not to many other events are distracting me, what is quite the case.

Since a few days however the daily quests become wired. The dinosaurs I have to face are so strong, I don’t even see a theoretical chance to beat them and that is frustraiting like hell especially when the reward is only another stupid extreme-rare animal. Nevertheless, I wonder how this is even possible. With all the buks I was able to buy a Pachygalosaurus and a Dracoceratops and thought this must be far above what I need for the next few weeks. But since I have them, the daily quests become so hard, I can’t even face them especially when having the strongest Dinos only once a day. That makes me wonder if the game is kidding me by by making the opponents dependent on my dinosaurs and making them far too strong so that I have to pay money and buks to beat them. I thought about leveling too fast and stopping it, but the level-challenges I have to face at level 58 are quite fair. More and more challenging, but fair. So, how is it possible, that from one week to the other fair dailys become so annoying and frustrating? On top of that the people in response seem to have fun starting all big events together. I have five events each day with heavy opponents including the boss-event and the PvP-tournament. It is very frustrating not to be able to deal with all of them, while on other days there is nothing to do at all. I have dozends of dinosaurs to breed, but this wont help, because all extreme-rare-Dinossaurs are absolute useless even now. On top of that there is the food-situation: My food-station is at maximum-level since… dunno… day three? With 240.000 Units every four hours I could make progress a while, but since dealing with legendaries there is not enough food left to make decent progress. I was thinking to buy some food with buks, but I guess we can all agree, that 1,5 Mio. food for 2.500 buks (more then 12€) are an absulute joke.

So do I have to deal with the frustration not to bee able to do all the dailys while making slower and slower progress? Is that the story of the game?

My second question is easier I guess: I have my Omega 09 -Boss-T-Rex at level 27 and would like to save B-DNS for the Boss-Triceratops. However, I guess this is not recommenend untill Omega 9 is far stronger, right? Honestly I don’t like the boss-events at all. They are time-consuming, frustrating and the reward is never worth the 30 buks to start the event in my eyes.

The third issue is about experiemental DNS. I still haven’t figured out how to use them, but I guess it is far to early to think about that. When do I have to deal with this DNS (despite just collecting and saving it) and what steps can be recommended?

I thank you again for any help, hints and motivational aspects. :slight_smile:

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with your DB you should be able to lvl up to lvl 60… The regular boss events are crap, but once you reach lvl 60, you can unlock Time to strike and the Battlefield Domination ( If i’m not mistaken)

Do the time to strike after doing 2 reg. events and your 75 bucks will be spend on probably (almost guaranteed) 19.000 amber.

(win it, Spin, and then spin again for 15 bucks)

  1. if your lineup becomes a bit unbalanced, to the point where your first creature is towering over your second, or where your second is towering over third, etc, then it gets to the point where battles become super challenging. This lineup for example, it was for testing by @MIGUEL_ALEJANDRO_PAL , but the iraptor 40 is way over everything else.

    Yes, this was intended to see how hard battles would be, and as you can see, completing this event without using the iraptor lvl 40 is hard. If your lineup is unbalanced, events will be hard. You can fix this by filling in gaps. One great way to do this is CoT at lvl 60.

  2. Omega might be stronger than jugger, but go for jugger as Valkrie and Salamander are both good, but in order to get them you need jugger.


I love all the bosses…
Omega, i just like spamming reserve once revive is active (the fact the my omega is at 31 while my Juggy and Valk are at 16 and 17 respectively)
Juggy(just to get Millions of attack, fun to use)
Valk, once active just go defensive
and Solomond i don’t have yet…

Also, Good idea abt CoT

So somehow one is punished for buying the good stuff - great concept and well balanced. :frowning: So level 60 could be helpful. Unfortunately I have to breed several Toujiangosaurus that is not unlocked yet. I can get him in other ways but do I have any unfluence of unlocking specific amimals? I have read the a specific event is neccessary but how comes I never got it?

Some creatures are locked, such as toujangosaurus. They are accessible by the amber market which comes from boss v boss

Yes, that seems to be the only source I’ve got, but I have enough ember. The internet says, Toujiangosaurus can be unlocked via “Earth shacking event” - don’t know if I have ever seen this or when it will come by.

That was years ago, post reshuffle you could get every creature from battle stages.

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Yeah, better not check these things on the internet as they’re mostly outdated and with information not viable anymore.

This along with the post linked within it about your PvE is the information you need:

By purchasing those much stronger creatures you have locked your self into a more difficult game.

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On this question do not “unlock” a boss until you have completed all of the unlock missions, those mission will give you the exact amount you need to unlock that boss. For instance I believe Juggernaut takes 16,000 BDNA to unlock you might reach that before completing all of the unlock missions for it but do not unlock it until you have completed those missions. When you unlock the boss you loose access to the unlock missions and can end up costing you thousands in lost BDNA. My recommendation is to stay close to the unlock amount (16,000 for juggernaut) and any time you exceed the unlock amount you lvl up another boss to get below the unlock threshold until you have completed all of the unlock missions. Follow this same pattern for all bosses so you will always have enough to unlock the next boss until all of them are unlocked. Then you can start focusing on liking the bosses in a specific manner. You will be accumulating BDNA from completing the 3 day missions but this is the slowest way to unlock a boss compared to the unlock missions.

I believe your last question is about super DNA or SDNA. This is a valuable resource to allow you to make Super Hybrids. These are some of the best creatures in the game from a strength to cooldown ratio. Once you make the Hybrid required to lvl 40 you can use the SDNA to unlock the associated Super hybrid. At which point you can make additional copies with a lower amount of SDNA.

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Pachygalo and Draco are much better than the rest of your lineup if your PvE is much harder now. If you can show us a picture of your lineup we can give you advice.

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