Stuck around 3,400 - 3,500


What do I do with this team?


Very close to my team! I’m stuck at the same # lol



Super close! Haven’t even found one wild epic Erli yet, though. :-1:


Why isn’t your Pyrritator in? No good?


It’s really not that good. The pyro is better I feel.


me stuck because this BOTS level 30 , ludia manipule game…


Good to know. I’ll save the DNAs


Here’s it’s stats. When you actually get a chance to use the last move, then this guy is on point awesome!! But you hardly ever get to use the power up and get an attack in :sob:


I hate ready to crush so much. Literally only viable against slow tanks.


Yup! Agreed! And no one really starts with those anymore 🤷


Don’t know why you are struggling with a Team like that … sooo many Legendaries! I was one victory away from Top 500 without having a single Legendary unlocked (would prob have been the only one in Top 500 without … lol).


Cool humble brag. :ok_hand::+1:


Well, if you want some help, I will try …

  1. Take out that Euocephawhatever guy, he’s pretty useless if not used by LV 30 computers … use another Raptor instead.
  2. Utahsinoraptor is beautiful and I’m a bit jealous you got this beauty, but if he’s facing other Raptors (Raptor Meta) he’s usually outspeeded and easily killed by Pounce + Strike (like a free kill for opponent cause Pounce is ready afterwards again).
  3. Speed is everything in Raptor Meta, that’s why you see low LV Blue + Delta in my Team.


Dont go alot raptors in same team, in high ranking everybody have few tanks well leveled so they are free meat, i just going 2 raptor, 3 tanks and 3 armor breaking, and doing good


Sure, Top 100 is a completely different area. But for now he could make good use of another Raptor (Blue or Pyro). Everyone at the Top is using Pyro anyway (instead V-Raptor).


Yeah piro is really good, thats why i use high level raptor to kill they xd