Stuck around 3500 trophies


Feel like I’ve been on sorna marshes forever. Any suggestions w the squad?


You have some good dinos! Problem is all low level which means as soon as you hit 3600+ you will encounter almost and level 20 dinos. Id drop the raptor for giga for now and see how that goes.
Maybe level up your trex and swap mega and trex in for possibly utahsino and see how that goes
Trystonox is low health too at 16 so maybe habe a play.


As above. I think you are wasting coins too. You have so many useless Dino’s leveled up. Only level up Dino’s that you are going to use to fight or to fuse with.
Also (and just my opinion obviously, but) one great Dino is worth more than 2 average ones. You have both Sino hybrids, they are both great but you could have a level 18 or 19 of one rather than two level 16s. Not sure I have any immediate advice a level 16 raptor isn’t going do much in Sorna Marshes though.



Yeah I just put veli back in. I’ve just been grinding to get everything to 15 for fusions so now its just collecting DNA.


Yeah I hear you I didnt realize when I started playing how much fusions would be worth and def wastes coins on things like koolasuchus for no reason, just annoying having so many level ups glowing lol.


You get used to it. I only have 2 Dino’s (that I don’t fuse with) that aren’t flashing to be leveled up. Ha I also leveled up Koolade before I knew what I was doing also. Oops


Right. But after that last update my dimetrodon gen 2 was level 4 or something so now I feel like everything will eventually get a fusion or something


Funnily, I am in the same situation as yours: stucked in Sorna Marshes with low coins because I’ve levelled a lot of creatures to level 15… Except I did it voluntarily! I totally assume the fact that I am stucked until I focus on levelling the right creatures, cause I prefer to have variety to experiment with my team than getting trophies… Plus I’ll be ready if new legendaries are introduced… :slight_smile:


Same here I just wanted to grind and get all the fusion bases for the future. I figured legendarys would be superior to epic across the board. Felt like I breezed to 3000 and was stuck there briefly before shooting upto 3500 where theres a lot more strong players. Wish the arena exclusives circulated tho


I was too stucked at around 3000 before I got my first legendary. Now I have three of them (Indominus Rex, Stegodeus and Monostegotops), and I’m stucked at around 3200! They are really stronger than epics!

As of now, I don’t level up my legendaries after creation. I prefer to try to raise to level 15 all my epics plus the best rares and commons (and those who are ingredients for legendaries). I’ll stay stucked in the Marshes for a while!


Everyone has their own tactics but eventually you won’t use a single epic to fight with so I’d recommend not leveling them past fusing point. Also it’s fine to collect the DNA but unless your happy to shell out real money later on. I’d save my coins until you want to use the Dino. Do a friendly battle if you want to experiment with other Dino’s with out wasting coins on leveling them.


@Schuylkbilly I totally agree with this. You need to have few overlevelled dinos instead of having all at medium level. After all, you can have just 4 in your fight team every time so choose wisely where to spend money. But of course keep darting everything you can, Dna is free and maybe this will serve sooner or later.