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Stuck at 17/24 on Alt Account

So this issue is happening way too often from what I am reading…My 2nd Account is stuck at 17/24… I tried clearing the Cache, uninstalling & reinstalling…still stuck! I have tried to log in via the Game App, FB page…Nada! I play the 2nd Account on my old phone a Samsung Galaxy S7 so I even tried to get in on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and it was still stuck at 17/24! Then to my Horror I couldn’t get back to my main Account :confused: so I had to uninstall the game on my newest phone and reinstall the game…I managed to get back to my 1st account…reading this problem again and again…its time it was looked into…I will contact support with the 2nd account Support Key etc…never known anything like this…

Mind you it might help if I could find where I can contact Ludia about this problem…searched and I am unable to find who or how to contact You!

Hey R6sue, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Our team can be reached through email at

It was working ok this morning, but now on my main phone I have gotten a Ban notice!

seems like a lot of people have gotten these for no reason at all! Not impressed!