Stuck at Chest Unlock Screen

I was following the quest line where it allows you to have your first PvP Battle. It showed my opponents time running out which basically made it so I couldn’t move or do anything, then it skipped my turn about 2-4 times before I was allowed to make any moves. However I still won the battle, it just brought me back to the battle menu and I chose to open the chest, there was no dialogue the first time.

I decided to fight again and re-entered into a pvp battle. This time dialogue of this being my first battle popped up, after winning it asks me to click on a chest and I get to open it for free. But when you click the chest the screen basically locks itself. I can click on everything but nothing works. The “Open Now!” button that it wants me to click it just wont go through. Resetting the game is the only way to get off that screen but when you re-enter the game it forces me to try and open the chest again. Meaning im now stuck.

I’m sorry to hear that, @Justin_Gamble. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, so they could assist you further with this? Thanks!