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Stuck at 'Loading Coordinates'

I appear to be experiencing an issue with an error code 118, with the message suggesting problems connecting to the servers. This occurs when the application is at 7/24 (Loading Coordinates) which causes the loading to go back to 1/24.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hey volkspanzer, there are some troubleshooting steps here that might help you get past the loading screen:

If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then restart your game.

Let me know if that helps.

I have the same issue. Keeps going back to 1 and loses the connection at 7. Rebooted, cleared cache, nothing. The problem actually started when I cleared the cache because it was stuck at 16/24. That happened to me before and solved itself after half a day, bit I didn’t want to wait. These loading screen issues are so ridiculously random and reinstalling the game is a hassle and barely ever works. These things have been happening since launch, and cannot possibly be that hard to fix.