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Stuck at loading screen after alpha battle end


1.When battle count reached 0 game goes into infinity loading time and damage don’t counted. I already reported this through game support on 28th APR didn’t received any reply. Each energy cost 4hr and if damage id not counted it’ll be impossible to defeat 6* alpha. This is happening with lots player.
2. Sometime it stuck without loading but battle don’t end
Fix this both problem ASAP. @Marcus


The same happened to me, and now all the battles I do are the same.

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It happened to me too


Same here!


Hey Vikings, our team is looking into the connection issues with Alpha battles, and they’re trying to find a fix. Once we have more information from our team, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update. If you had already contacted our support team, our team will try to get back to you as soon as they can. Thanks!


Piggybacking to what @Ned just mentioned, this weird bug has resurfaced and our Developers are marking this as a priority. We thank you for your patience!


Hope it’ll be fixed soon because we can’t defeat our 1st 6* alpha because of this bug and alpha escaped.


This bug has happened to me 3 times. Ludia please fix.

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This happened to me at least 6 times. Ludia was slow to even respond to my support ticket, and they only provided me with 1 alpha battling energy as compensation when they finally got around to it. It’s pretty discouraging considering how long it takes this type of energy to replenish.


Any news on this issue?

It is quite annoying, especially when I have dealt a decent amount of damage and then got stuck…
Edit: By far, this has not happened to me only once…


Just lost two energy to this bug. Really annoying cause I haven’t even heard back from Ludia and its causing me to lose a lot of keys since my attacks aren’t being counted and im therefore doing less damage to the alpha when my hits are pretty hard.

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PLEASE fix this. your dev team has been aware of it for weeks and its still happening and people are losing energy without dealing damage. its extremely frustrating


So, I had this loading problem earlier, and it would load and load nothing for almost half an hour (3rd try)… It took 4 tries to get into the battle against my clan’s tonight’s raiding Alpha, and my device got overheated.

I’ve had a lot of loading issues the last 2 weeks, many of them causing me to have to load the game twice, some times it even disconnects during battle, where I have to wait with baited breath for the battle to reconnect so I don’t lose the energy for nothing, and tonight this Alpha thing… Ugh.

It’s obvious that the update you released a few days ago wasn’t enough to fix these issues. (Eternal load, errors 22, 82, 141 etc.)


It allowed me to beat him but after I was given no rewards I also was sent back and it said he hadn’t been defeated and he had negative health. I would like to have my rewards for beating the alpha I spend a lot of time on this game and I would like to get my rewards for beating the alpha plz get back to me thank you.


Wrong thread, this is about clan alpha, not story alpha. Contact support. They will give you the premium token bit not the fish, coins nor experience you would have received had you not encountered the bug

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