Stuck between 3500 trophies and 4000

So I guess I will never surpass 4000 trophies and always fluctuate between 3500 and 4000, no matter how hard i try and battle and evolve. What’s the point??

Try posting your team, there are a lot of people here who can give helpful tips, sometimes your team is just lacking something that you need to that will just give you that extra oomph

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I’m not sure anyone should expect to change much once they reach a certain point, assuming their team improves at roughly the same rate as other players.

My average has moved maybe 200 trophies from 2 months ago.

If that bothers people then I guess Ludia could give out more trophies for wins and take away less for losses. But that is like changing 2 dimes into 4 nickels.

I understand that, but then I will never be able to participate in the special events and tournaments for everyone above the 4000 trophies, or even get near the top 100 or even dare to dream the top 10???

Just keep trying, I guess. I recently made it to Sorna Marshes after weeks of being stuck in Lockdown. So, I feel your pain.

Well unless a team evolves faster than those on the leaderboard, or people on the leaderboard this time lose interest then it’ll always be the same people. If they always level up at the same rate then they’ll always be ahead. Unless they don’t raise the max Dino level and we all end up with level 30 everything.

Regarding tournaments, correct

From the start I couldn’t understand how Ludia would focus on the Top 500, or Top 1000 if you include some who have potential, and ignore everyone else. Do they even care about growth or sustainability? And giving the winners more resources? Really?

Once your Common, Rare and Epic Dino’s get to about level 20 progress slows down. Unless you spend more time hunting or put money in for coins, it seems exceedingly slow. Coins and DNA are the stumbling block.

You start to work towards Legendary and have a hard time finding enough DNA in the wild to create them. The DNA you would have used to level up your Epics is now going into new Dinos and you need to save coin to fuse them. So your current team is not leveling at all. Then, you need to level them up a few before they can fit on your team. Even if you stopped Epics at level 15 and created Legendary, others would have those level 20+ Epics and halt your progress until you leveled them up to be competitive. Unless you put in a lot of time and/or have a productive hunting grounds, your progress grinds to a halt. You will fluctuate a few hundred but not seem to progress. The higher your team level is, the slower the progress will become.

One thing to be thankful for… There are many players in our situation so finding an opponent is usually fast. The higher up in Trophies the fewer players there are for a match. So being in the pack is not all a bad thing, it is just frustratingly slow progress.

We all will advance in trophies eventually. As we improve our teams and skills we will rise and new players will fill our old slots. I notice the difference when I level a beast or two, or put a newly created Dino on the team. I gain a few trophies overall. I still fluctuate but a little higher each time. The stronger the team and better the users skills, the higher they will rise.


Well said…:+1: